Yonghua Wang is professor in Northwest A & F University, China


Natural products are known to be essential in maintaining and improving human health for thousands of years. The strategy to discover new drugs from natural products has proved to be very successful. However, due to the complexity of chemical components and mechanisms of action, screening and understanding of natural products based on the traditional method is still difficult. In recent times, the confluence of spectacular advances in ADME/T prediction, systems biology and systems pharmacology has led to the discovery and development of numerous novel potential drugs and therapeutic agents for the treatment of a wide spectrum of diseases. Therefore, the present work is an attempt to introduce how to integrate in silico ADME/T, pharmacokinetics, systems pharmacology, omics and systems biology for the discovery of natural products. Our study is not intended to be an exhaustive one of comprehensive approach for natural products, but rather is aimed at highlighting the invaluable role that natural products have played, and continue to play, in the drug discovery process and its future perspectives.