Dr. Yongling Gong has completed his PhD in Gastroenterology from 2nd Military Medical University of Shanghai in the year 1997. Currently he is working as Professor in the Department of Oncology, Nanjing Hospital Affiliated to Nanjing Medical University, China.


Introduction: Aiming at starting the ball rolling and contributing humble effort to promote Chinese traditional medicine(CTM), we performed the present study to assess the therapy response of Chinese herbal decoction of Removing Blood Stasis compared to conventional therapy on critical ill patients of advanced cerebral tumor of glioma in ICU. Methods: A total of 6 patients (1 females and 5 males) of glioma were included in this retrospective observational clinical trial. We administered Chinese medicine (Decoction of Removing Blood Stasis, mixed with a variety of effective herbal components) to help them to recover from poor condition. In the meantime, conventional treatment of surgical resection and radio-chemotherapy was applied in cases compared. Results: In 3 cases of CTM, after taking the Chinese herbal decoction for months, most residual intracranial tumor mass reduced according to MRI/CT imaging, and the patient felt free from the complaint of discomfort. The quality of life has been greatly improved, we managed to have prolonged the PFS (Progression-Free-Survival) and TTP (Time-to-Progression) from the onset to date. While in 3 cases compared, conventional treatment of surgical resection and radio-chemotherapy were not able to decrease the metastatic lesions, and the patient’s condition worsen more. We failed in having prolonged the PFS and TTP in the compared cases of conventional treatment. Conclusions: Chinese medicine considers human body as a dynamic platform in which all organs are correlative and bind each other. Our report suggested that Decoction of Removing Blood Stasis might be an additional choice with better benefits and tolerability in the treatment of glioma. Key Words : glioma, therapy response, Chinese medicine