Yuhua Li

Yuhua Li

Shanghai Biotechnology Corporation, China

Title: Multiple solutions for genomics and pharmacogenomics


Yuhua Li completed her PhD degree from Peking Union Medical College and MD from Zhengzhou University. She also received postdoctoral trainings from University of Pennsylvanian and Georgia Tech. She is the Assistant General Manager and in charge of Global Marketing & Business Development at Shanghai Biotechnology Corporation (SBC). She used to be the QA Director of SBC, VP of Otogenetics Corporation, Director of Yerkes Microarray Core Facility at Emory University and Research Scientist in Georgia Tech. She has more than 50 publications and supported hundreds of genomics projects.


Shanghai Biotechnology Corporation (SBC), a subsidiary of Shanghai Biochip Co., Ltd. /National Engineering Center for Biochip at Shanghai, is a leading global CRO genomics service provider in China. SBC offers full services for biomarker discovery and validation with technologies of microarray analysis, next generation sequencing, qPCR, molecular pathology and bioinformatics/biostatistics, etc. In China, SBC is the first service provider certified by Affymetrix, the only microarray service provider certified by Agilent, Illumina Certified Service Provider (CSPro), and SOLID Demo Lab certified by ABI. SBC has completed more than 5000 projects for more than 1500 clients including the top ten pharmaceutical companies. Our team and clients have published more than 500 papers on SCI. We have extensive experience with technologies in genomics and pharmacogenomics analysis, and have developed real-world solutions to incorporate biomarker testing into preclinical and clinical studies, meet the highest regulatory standards and aid in timely execution of biomarker discovery project.

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