Zeev Haskal

Zeev Haskal

Mega Group Investigations Inc, USA

Title: Business intelligence and industrial espionage


Zeev Haskal is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Mega Group Investigations Inc. Zeev Haskal delivers a powerful combination of over 24 years investigative and security experience with unrelenting diligence and dedication. Mr. Haskal served nearly a decade in the Israeli Special Forces and Secret Services. Upon relocating to the United States in 1989, he founded Mega Group Inc., a specialized firm that provides a full range of investigative and security services to clients engaged in virtually all areas of industry and business. Today, the company counts among its clients Fortune 100 companies, as well as top law firms, insurance companies, banking institutions and private individuals. Mr. Haskal speaks regularly to California Bar Association panels, and has become a sought-after lecturer with the Associations MCLE programs on topics including trade secret protection, computer forensics, civil and criminal defense, asset tracing, work place violence and pre-employment matters. Mr. Haskal has also been a guest lecturer to Federal Bureau of Investigation and Department of Justice agents on national security matters and at Loyola University on topics including asset tracing and the well recognized procedures he developed and implemented for hostile takeovers in matters of insolvency and receivership.


This presentation is about business intelligence and industrial espionage, highlights on how it is done in the real world, what to watch for, prevention and how to train employees. It is oriented towards companies who operates within one country or globally. During the presentation there will be several case studies. There are no war stories here to glorify my company and my services and the presentation s done as a very interesting and informative presentation.

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