Aastha Ganjoo

Aastha Ganjoo

Aastha Ganjoo, SDM College of Dental Sciences & Hospital, Dharwad, Karnataka 580009

Title: Influence of topical sialogogue on maxillary complete denture retention in patients on antihypertensive drug therapy


Aastha Ganjoo is an undergraduate student of SDM Dental College, Karnataka


An increasing number of edentulous patients suffer from hypertension. A common side effect of anti-hypertensive drugs is hyposalivation. Hyposalivation decreases the retention of complete denture and affects the quality of life of patients. Topical sialogogues help in increasing the salivary flow without causing any side effects. 1% malic acid solution is one such topical sialogogue. The study is undertaken to note the affect of 1% malic acid solution on the retention of the maxillary complete denture in the patients on anti-hypertensive drug therapy. The measurement of retention is done by an instrument based on the principle of class I pulley and spring balance. 12 such edentulous patients on anti-hypertensive therapy participated in the study and the retention of the maxillary complete denture is measured. Then 1% malic acid solution is applied and retention measured again. The patient is asked to apply the solution for 1 week after which retention is measured. The three readings are compared and analysed statistically. Conclusion: There is significant increase in retention after the application of the 1% malic acid solution.