Abbassi Salah-Eddine

Abbassi Salah-Eddine

Worldwide Association of Women Forensic Experts, France

Title: Children terrorists, children in danger or dangerous?


Abbassi Salah-Eddine is a Ph.D. student at EHESS in Paris. His research interest includes: Terrorism researcher, criminology research & victimology, together with clinical criminology and socio-criminology on variety of topics: the victims of forced marriages, terrorism and fundamentalism and any other form of marginalization, deviant or delinquent behaviours concerning the youth born of immigration, as well as judicial psychology, private security and fire safety


Having grown up within the armed terrorist groups, their only references are those warriors who call themselves mujahidin against the "taghout" here is the unique model of life they know. A life of a fugitive wild where terror reigns. It is in this perspective that we try to think of a criminological point of view the following problem Your little assess their dangerousness They are predisposed to adapt to civilian life? How can accompany Are they children in danger or dangerous? What treatment is best suited to their situation‎ introduction‎ they are often treated as children of terrorists, suicide bombers, or bad seed. This systematic ‎stigmatization excluded from the civil society. Besides these children are primarily seen as the ‎girls son, or sister they are recognized through their terrorist father treated as such, whether ‎or not repented not to their own person. This societal phenomenon can only fuel the cycle of ‎violence (Violence creates violence). Their predisposition to victim genes factors (age, ‎physical or mental vulnerability, etc.) while they undergo the hatred of former victims of ‎terrorism, and must pay somehow the price of impunity for crimes of their parents they are not ‎responsible.