Abdalla Omar

Abdalla Omar

Alexandria University, Egypt

Title: Guava monograph


Abdalla Omar received his PhD from Alexandria University, faculty of Pharmacy in the field of Pharmaceutical Sciences (Pharmacognosy). He had his Post-Doctoral fellow from the College of Pharmacy, The Ohio State University, USA. He held several academic and administrative positions including: Research Prof. College of Agriculture, King Saudi University (KSA), Visitor Res. Prof., Inst. of Organic Chemistry, Technical University Berlin (Germany). Visitor Prof. Arab University (Beirut). Chairman, Pharmacognosy Department, Alexandria University, General Manager, The Pharmacy Research Unit, Faculty of Pharmacy and General Manager of Medizen Pharmaceuticals, Egypt. He has published more than 60 papers in reputed journals. He has the honour of working with some great scientists in natural products as late professors Jack Beal and R Doskotsh of Ohio State University, Prof F Bohlmann of Berlin, and also has several publications with different international groups as the team of Prof. Savona and Piozzi of Italy, and Royal Danish School of Pharmacy.


Guava fruit tree is an important crop plant cultivated in Egypt. Guava leaf has a long history of folk medicinal uses in Egypt and worldwide as a cough sedative and as an antidiarrheal. It is also applied in the management of hypertension, obesity and in the control of diabetes mellitus in several countries. Recently it was introduced as a main ingredient in many herbal mixtures marketed in the Egyptian market and worldwide. It has been stated very often that the lack of standardization of herbal remedies and plant medicines is holding back the use of medicinal plants in the modern system of medicine, therefore a growing demand for the establishment of a system of standardization for every herbal preparation in the market is required and the buildup of a monograph containing all information required about the herbal drug is necessary. Therefore a monograph was designed on the basis set by the British Herbal Pharmacopeia in order to help in the quality control of the leaves. The monograph gave a full description of the leaf and powdered plant, summary of the activities and methods for the identification and the quality control of the raw material and the prepared extracts using physical, morphological, botanical and applying a validated HPTLC method for the quantification of Quercetin content.

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