Abdia Naidoo

Abdia Naidoo

Integrated Well-being Services,South Africa

Title: The whole person wellness model


Abdia Naidoo Graduated from Somerset Hospital (Cape Town and Coronation Hospital) Johannesburg women and childrens hospital  including  Durban University of Technology and The University of Stellenbosh South Africa with the folowing qualifications: Registered nurse and Midwife,Community Health Nurse with the specialties of HIVand AIDS Management. She was employed by Dfid to manage an HIV/AIDS Health and Wellness Program on the remote Island of St Helena South Atlantic Ocean and was awarded multiple achievments awards with her work both locally and internationally.


The individual,the family and the community  all  forms a part of a complete and integrated system. As  a community health nurse and practioner I observed on a daily basis how patients were treated by health practioners only for a disease or ailment without seeing the person in a holistic way or as a whole person. Patients were often misdiagnosed or seemingly not satisfied when they were seen as just another patient with an ailment and not as an individual who had muliple facets to their lives besides being a patient.

I started changing my own attitude towards patients when treating my patients and clients as a  whole person. I developed a programme called the Whole Person Wellness Model and used this model to change certain behavious and attitudes when treating the individual patients.


The aim of this presentation/workshop is to create more awareness for health nurse  pratitioners and health service providers to treat patients with a more authentic wholistic view and approach and treat  persons with a disease or ailment  with an holistic and wholesome approach in order to effect a more complete health and wellbeing out come.