Abdolreza Hajipour

Abdolreza Hajipour

Isfahan University of Technology, Iran

Title: Co nanoparticles as efficient catalysis in homo- and hetero coupling reaction



In recent years, among the first-row transition metal catalysts, cobalt catalyst has attracted much attention in organic synthesis because it is readily available, non-toxic, low-cost, and stable in air and exhibits high catalytic activity. However, to the best of our knowledge aryl halide–heteroatom cross-couplings using cobalt salts are rare, catalyst application of cobalt salts combined with ligands have explored as a suitable catalyst for construction of C–N and C–O bonds via dehalogenative paths. In a continuation of our recent investigations in developing efficient catalysis and their application in organic synthesis, herein, we would like to report new green and economical methods for the synthesis of organic compounds using cobalt nanoparticles (Co-NP) as green, efficient and non-toxic catalyst. 

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