Abdulqadir J Nashwan is the Director of Nursing for Education and Practice Development at HMGH and is a Member of Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) in Qatar. He is also the Senior Adjunct Instructor, Faculty of Nursing at the University of Calgary in Qatar (UCQ). His current research interests include research utilization, evidenced-based practice, hematology/oncology, nursing informatics and cancer immunotherapy. He has published more than 50 research articles in reputable peer-reviewed journals. In November 2015, he has received Award of Merit for Placing HMC at the Cutting Edge of Cancer Research as a part of Stars of Excellence Program introduced by HMC. In October 2016, he has completed a Cancer Biology and Therapeutics (CBT) Program, provided by Harvard Medical School.


In the past, Nurses used to provide clinical care, even though no solid evidence supported this practice following basic logical assumptions. Usually, Health Care Providers (HCPs) including Nurses often follow outdated policies and procedures without questioning their current practices in terms of accuracy, safety, feasibility and applicability. The aim of this presentation is to provide an overview on the applications of translating evidence on patients’ clinical outcomes, safety, quality of care, leadership and management, education and health policy. Nurses are collaborating with other healthcare providers to develop new and innovative ways to translate evidence into practice to provide the best quality of care while maintaining the highest levels of safety standards. Nursing leaders need to build the infrastructure (policies, processes, resources, etc.) for transfer of knowledge into practice through empowering environment for Nurses. Education is primarily aims to move evidence from the generation phase through dissemination and into implementation, in order to address the unmet needs.