Abdulrahman Al Nemri

Abdulrahman Al Nemri

King Khalid University Hospital King Saud University Medical City, Saudi Arabia

Title: Laryngotracheoesophageal Cleft; Neonatal Presentation and Diagnostic Challenges


Dr. Abdulrahman Al Nemri Chairman of pediatric department at King Khalid University Hospital King Saud University Medical City . He was the Deputy of Clinical Director of Pediatric Department (AFHSR).He is a Member of Scientific Board of Pediatric & Neonatology Fellowship Program at Saudi Council for Health Specialization (SCHS).


Congenital laryngeal clefts are rare developmental disorders of the upper airway accounting for 0.3% to 0.5% of all congenital anomalies of the larynx. The study is reporting the research team’s first experience with this anomaly at the Armed Force Hospital Southern Region to emphasize the difficulties and the challenges in the diagnosis as well as the treatment of such infants. This is a 32 week preterm female infant with antenatal ultrasound diagnosis of isolated esophageal atresia. After delivery the team faced a great difficulty in intubation and passing nasogastric tube. A large NGT size 12FR passed to the stomach, and contrast study showed abnormal anteriorly located esophagus, which suggested a common esophageo-tracheal tract. Esophagogram and soft fibro-optic endoscopy was done by ENT consultant which confirmed the presence of long segment laryngotracheaesophageal cleft. The infant was transferred to tertiary center where she died from respiratory failure at the age of 6 months.