Dr. Ahmed was born and educated in Cairo, Egypt, raised in Kuwait and has called Northwest Ohio her home since 2005. Dr. Ahmed provides healthcare services to women of all ages, she has a special interest in uro/gynecological and infertility care and care for menopausal issues.


Aim: The Purpose of the study is to estimate the prevalence of upper extremity symptoms and their association to Mobile Hand-Held Devices among Sharjah University Students. Subject & Methods: 200 students were recruited for the current study; all of them reported using hand held devices. 169 participants were eligible for the study. The mean age for participants was 20.24 ±1.937 were as the mean value of heights and weights were 178.36 ±129.690 and 68.5 ±18.269 respectively. Results: showed significance association between functional limitation, tingling and stiffness and type of Mobile Hand-Held devices, also showed significance association between functional limitation and average of chatting per day Conclusion: Although most of the signs and symptoms reported by the participants in the current study were mild and moderate, some of the associations observed in this study in combination with epidemiology literature, suggest feasible relationships between mobile hand-held device use and musculoskeletal symptoms of upper extremity.