Abhinav Yadav has completed his masters in sports physical therapy at the age 25 from Guru Nanak Dev University, India, and is currently pursuing his clinical doctoral from Utica College, NY. He has been associated with the field of sports medicine and physiotherapy for last 5 years and has 2 certifications in field of athlete training as well (CSCS-NSCA & CPT-ACSM). He is a licenced physical thrapist in state of New York since Feb 2014.


The purpose of investigation was to observe effects of a combination of long distance cycling and strength training on body composition (body weight, skeletal muscle mass, body fat mass and total body water) aerobic fitness, and how it can help in managing the new emerging epidemic of Sarcopenic Obesity (SO). 50-year-old male, recreational cyclist Dr. Unni Karunakara, after retiring from the post if international president of MSF (Medicine San Frontieres) had planned to go for a pan-Indian tour on bycycle, from Sri-nagar to Trivandrum, covering total of over 5500 kilometers, to increase awareness about medical social work and generate funds for MSF. Considering his age and sedentary lifestyle, we formulated a plan to work for increments in his muscle mass and trying to reduce the percentage of fat in his body which was on the higher side. Body compositions, basal metabolic rate, % Body Fat, fat mass and skeletal muscle mass measured by In-Body BIA (Bio-Impedance Analyzer), VO2Max by Monark Bike (Astrand Protocol). He was evaluated 3 times in total, one initial assessment, 1 assessment during the tour and a final assessment to compare overall values. SO refers to the loss of skeletal muscle mass associated with increasing age and increment in the adiposity of an individual. Traditional weight loss programs are not very effective in controlling this increasing epidemic. A combination of strength training and aerobic exercises are required for improvement in the longer run.

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