Adarsh K Gupta

Adarsh K Gupta

University of Rowan, USA

Title: Challenges in caring for obese patients


Adarsh K Gupta, is a speaker, consultant and author who specialize in medical weight loss and metabolic disorders. He is Center Director of Medical Weight Loss and Metabolic Control that focuses on improving metabolic disorders (diabetes, hypertension, and hyperlipidemia) and functional disorders (severe arthritis, sleep apnea, knee pain, etc.) with weight management. In addition, he is an associate professor of family medicine at the Rowan University. Dr. Gupta has presented locally, regionally and nationally on the topics related to Obesity, Weight Management and Integration of Technology in Medicine


Negative attitudes toward obese persons are pervasive in North American society. Numerous studies have documented harmful weight based stereotypes that overweight and obese individuals are lazy, weak-willed, unsuccessful, unintelligent, lack self-discipline, have poor willpower, and are noncompliant with weight-loss treatment. These stereotypes give way to stigma, prejudice, and discrimination against obese persons in multiple domains of living, including the workplace and health care facilities. Weight bias can take multiple forms in health care settings, and can exist in both subtle and overt ways, e.g. provider attitudes, medical equipment limitations, weighing procedures and office environment. Weight bias leads to negative psychological, social, economic, and physical health consequences for obese individuals, and can also have an impact on health care utilization. To optimize obesity prevention and intervention efforts, these assumptions must be addressed within the sphere of public health, with recognition of the harmful impact of weight stigma on quality of life and the need to eliminate stigma from current and future public health approaches to the obesity epidemic

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