Adel Mohammad bin Sultan

Adel Mohammad bin Sultan

Prince Sattam Bin Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia

Title: Current trends of diabetic foot surgery in general hospital of KSA: Are we doing enough to avoid amputations?


Adel Bin Sultan has been Graduated from Collage of Medicine, Prince Sattam Bin Abdulaziz Universitiy, 2016 as Medical Doctor. Presently he has been working at the Prince Sultan Militry Medical Center as intern in General Surgery department.


Introduction: Diabetes is remaining to be one of the leading health problems in the Middle East region in general and Saudi Arabia in particular. The increasing number of the population and changes in the pattern of life in the region exposes a large number of the people suffering from diabetes and its complications. This study was aiming to evaluate a pattern of diabetic foot presentation, current investigation, treatment and complications in the respective population of Al Kharj Governate and cosmopolitan region, who was seeking medical attention from medium sized general hospital facilities.

Methods: 81 patients presented with infected diabetic foot of pregangrenous and gangrenous stages were included in this study. The factors like age, duration of current diabetic status, patients body mass index (BMI), level of patient education and awareness, diabetic control, co-morbidities associated with diabetes were analysed.

Results: The results have shown, that 49.4% of study patients had amputations of the lower limbs at different levels. The analysis of the reasons for amputations revealed that it was due to the late patient presentation, poorly controlled diabetes and lack of diabetic educations mostly. This study, he also highlighted the necessity to have the management of diabetic foot in specialised centres where the multidisciplinary approach could be implemented.

Conclusion: Multidiciplinary approach in the management of diabetic foot,which includes detailed diagnosis of the patient’s vascular status to improve peripheral blood supply can lead to a dramatic reduction of the amputees, therefor have significant impact on the society from social and economic