Aditi Behere

Aditi Behere

Nagase Singapore (Pte) Ltd, Japan

Title: Food Enzymes Regulatory aspect in SouthEast Asia


Aditi Behere is working as Regional Regulatory Manager with the Japanese company Nagase. She has earned her PhD in Microbiology from India. She advanced to USA for Postdoctoral research at Cornell University and Boston University. She has presented and published her research at national and international level. Later she switched from academia to food industry. Last 7 years she had been working with top food industries in Netherlands and in Singapore. She has developed her expertise in food regulatory affairs and playing active role in this field. 


Regulatory Affairs is one of the important divisions in any food industry. Regulatory affairs professionals in the food industry are responsible to ensure that their company produces safe food which complies with the food law and regulations for the relevant market. Food additives and processing aids are commonly used terminologies within Food Regulatory network. Food enzymes can fall under relevant category based on country specific food regulations. Food enzymes are typically used to improve a great variety of food production processes. They perform specific reactions crucial for the production process and most of the time has no technological function in the final food. But enzymes used during food processing should comply with regulations, which can be challenging. Enzymes derived from microorganisms have safety concern and need to justify the safety as per regulation. This step is important for final food approval in the target market. South East Asia is very diverse region composed of eleven countries and food regulations for individual countries are governed by authorities in each country. The harmonization of food safety regulations in South East Asia is still ongoing. Hence, food industry is responsible to monitor changing regulations specific to each category and country to make sure that the food products comply with relevant food safety regulations. This presentation covers broad overview of food enzyme regulations in major countries in South East Asia. Any change or amendment in the regulation can have big impact on the product life cycle. Hence role of regulatory is essential to maintain food safety and quality in the market.