Adrian Zai

Adrian Zai

SRG Technology, USA

Title: Effectively managing population health


Adrian Zai, MD PhD MPH, is the clinical director of population informatics at the Massachusetts General Hospital’s Laboratory of Computer Science, a faculty member of Harvard Medical School, and the Chief Medical Informatics Technology at SRG-Technology. Dr. Zai has been in healthcare for over 20 years, with the last 12 years focused on population health management. He is the lead designer and innovator of Top Care, an information technology platform designed uniquely for population health management with core components that support team-based care and patient-centered management.


In this presentation, Dr. Zai will give an overview of the state of population health management in the U.S. as it relates to technology. He will touch on the most important peer-reviewed publications in this domain and share lessons learned. Furthermore, he will talk about areas of challenges and unprecedented opportunities for information technology to improve outcomes and reduce costs of health care in the United States. He will present several use cases where some of the clearest opportunities exist to reduce costs through the use of big data, care coordination, or creative patient engagement solutions. He will explain what are the critical technology components required for effective population health management and share critical mistakes to avoid