Ahmed Qasim Abushomi is pursuing his studies in Nanotechnology from the University of Oxford. He has been graduated from the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering at the University of Nottingham holding multiple professional certificates in innovation and leadership from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and was awarded a professional certificate in Energy Innovation and Emerging Technologies from Stanford University.


This abstract is to present a case commonly seen across industries, whereas there are several innovative ideas represented that are never reached successfully to the market. There are key factors contributing to this case, a relevant analysis is conducted and then strategic recommendations are given based on the results observed. The aim of presentation is to enable investors, governments and decision makers in major companies to visualize the full potential of nanotechnology and understand the missing key in industries that inhibit such transformation. The challenges start by recruiting the right talents to work towards nanotechnology innovations, this begin from education at higher institutes, schools and organizations and touch on various factors beyond that. In the Middle East, there are multiple nanotechnology patents, few companies have established commercialization of nanotechnology products, the toxicity and regulations of nanomaterials is still uncertainty and R&D spending low. However, some examples are seen but are not yet to be successfully commercialized. Therefore, developing commercialization plan of products, monitoring of regulations and international standards, fostering R&D at academic and industrial level and developing the public engagement strategy are required. These steps are essential which will allow industries to engage in the development of nanotechnology product’s life cycle and provide efficient solutions using this technology that will be presented to the market. In conclusion, there are real reasons for successful products that failed to reach the market; these will be encapsulate by giving recommendations which is adapted to demonstrate success in launching nanotechnology integrated products.