Ahmed Alkhalaf

Ahmed Alkhalaf

Albaha University, Saudi Arabia

Title: Perceived stress and general health in medical students in Saudi Arabia


He is working in the Faculty of Medicine, Al-Baha University as Assistant Professor of Behavioural Sciences & Consultant of Clinical Psychology. He is interested in clinical and health psychology for adolescents and adults. He received Master of Science (MSc) in Abnormal and Clinical Psychology from Wales University (UK) & He obtained a Ph.D. in clinical health psychology from the University of Plymouth (UK). He had served as a Psychologist to Alamal Complex for Mental Health inpatient treatment teams, providing a broad range of behavioral health services to adult inpatients. Those services had included treatments for depression, phobias, panic disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, Anxiety disorder, Schizophrenia, Bipolar disorder and addiction for four years (Psychiatry wards and addiction wards. He utilizes a variety of psychology intervention to treat patients including cognitive behavioral therapy and positive psychotherapy) with adults. He has experience of working in a variety of adult mental health services, from primary to tertiary care (e.g. Traumatic Brain Injuries TBI, Spinal Cord Injury SCI and Stroke CVA). As a clinician, He had a particular interest in Neuropsychological assessment and cognitive behavior therapy for depression and anxiety disorders. I joined the department of psychology as a Graduate Teaching Assistant (Health Psychology) at the University of Plymouth in southern England for two years. He is a chartered Psychologist from the British Psychological Society (BPS). He had an experience in teaching in evidence-based methods of assessing psychological disorders and training in clinical and health psychology.


How perceived stress appears to be very important role entity in all students. The students of medicine experience very high stress during their undergraduate study. Hence the objective of this study was to evaluate general health condition and the perceived stress and also to examine the correlation between general health condition and perceived stress. This study included 185 male students from the second to the sixth year of the MBBS. In this study general health was assessed by using SF-36 health survey, student Perceived Stress was measured by Perceived Stress Scale. Statistical analysis indicated the general health condition of students was significantly correlated with how the students perceived the stress in particular with the following subscales of the SF-36 health survey: - Role Physical RP - General Health Perceptions GH - Vitality VT - Role Emotional RE - Mental Health MH