Ahmed M Abo Zekry

Ahmed M Abo Zekry

Future University, Egypt

Title: Sinus lift technique: A simpler & safer approach


Ahmed graduated from the Faculty of Oral & Dental Medicine(FODM), Cairo University in 2002. He joined the Oral & Maxillofacial (OMFS) Departments of several Universities in Egypt as MSA, 6 October University and fi nally in Future University in Egypt (FUE). Ahmed received his Master Degree in OMFS from Cairo University in 2012. Currently he is pursuing his Doctor’s Degree from Cairo University, while being a senior teaching assistant at FUE.


Dental implants being the hallmark of dentistry nowadays, is oft en a challenge especially in patients with either or all of excessive alveolar bone resorption, traumatic extractions and over pneumatized maxillary sinus. Th e literature is quite rich in the graft materials used for open sinus lift procedures, however, the modifications in technique where not as such. Whether the science in this area is lead by research or by manufacturers, is obscure; however, the piezo-surgical instruments have been favored for open sinus lift techniques for their higher safety. Th ere is also abundance of sinus lift kits from all over the world.Th e introduced technique will eliminate the need for special sinus lift kits, provide an easier approach to the floor of the sinus and facilitate the placement of graft materials (blocks or discs).