Aisha Sehari has been graduated from Tripoli University in January 1981 as Medical Doctor (MBBCh), with the specialties and Diploma in pediatric (DCH) from the same University. Later she obtained post-graduation from Alexandria University and got Master degree and Doctor of pediatrics (MD) in pediatric gastroenterology. Aisha started working at government university hospitals in Tripoli (Al khadra, Salahdin and Algala children hospital) and Gharrian teaching hospital where she has continued her research. Also she joined royal hospital for sick children (Glasgow) and Alexandria University Children hospital during her post graduate study.  Presently she is working at Tripoli University, Medical College, and pediatric department as assistant professor and helping Gharrian medical college in the teaching program once per week.


Globally, acute gastroenteritis is an ailment that is very common among children during their first 3 years of life at which they will most likely experience about 1 to 3 acute diarrheal illnesses that can generate complication such as dehydration and disseminated intravascular coagulation. The diagnosis itself and its accompanying complications can be easily identified though proper clinical and laboratory evaluation. The purpose of this study was to identify evidences of disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC) and correlate with other clinical or laboratory tests related to other complications of acute gastroenteritis (AGE) such as dehydration and some metabolic imbalances. Almost all of pediatrics patient who are severely dehydrated, suffering from hypernatremia and with hyperammonemia are with evidences of DIC. Moreover, some of the variables found to be significantly associated with positive and strong relationship while some are not.

Recent Publications:

1.June II Atombio Kiblasan Badridden F.A. Abufayed Aisha A. Sehari Kaltoom Mhana Analyzing the learning style and study habit of students in the faculty of nursing of Al Jabal Al Gharbi University, Gharyan, Libya DOI: 10.5430/cns.v4n2p48