Ajit V Pandya

Ajit V Pandya

C .U. Shah Science College, India

Title: Chemical additive for viscosity enhancement


Ajit V Pandya is working with Gujarat’s leading science college C U SHAH SCIENCE College since last 23 years, he is head of the department in Biochemistry at same institute. He is academician and eminent research scientist having 3 Ph.D students submitted thesis and 4 doing research under his guidance. He has found out petrochemicals degrading microbes and pesticides degrading microbes whose gene sequencing was accepted by USA - gene bank. He was awarded eminent environmentalist of the year-2005 by national environmental science academy, New Delhi. He has published more than 65 research papers in various international journals with ISSN and ISBN number. He has Ph.D guide ship from 6 Indian and 1 foreign university (Taxila American University ). He claims that his research ideas can work for the treatment of all kinds of cancers and also his immunological knowledge help in elimination of blood group systems in nearest future. His dream is to provide useful and truthful research to the Global Society.


The effects of four different additives for viscosity enhancement of diesel were studied. Two different additive used are namely Ethylene-propylene copolymer, T-818C Copolymer of maleic acid ester, acrylic ester and vinyl acetate, both of these additives were added in different proportion and studies its relative effect on viscosity of base diesel. It is difficult to adjust the small quantity addition of viscosity modifier because of its high viscosity. Hence it was diluted with higher concentration. And then different dilution was made by diluting this mother concentrate. Raise in viscosity of base diesel observed were from 2.6 to 12.8% in case of EPC and 1.95 to 9.76% in case of T-818C Copolymer of maleic acid ester, acrylic ester and vinyl acetate . After each addition of viscosity modifier it s effect on remaining key parameter of diesel were studied. Keywords- EPC (ethylene-propylene copolymer), viscosity, viscosity index.