Ala Al-Dameh

Specialist Endodontist Private practice, UAE

Title: Current advances in irrigation


Ala Al-dameh BDS, Doctor of Clinical Dentistry (DClinDent), graduated in Dentistry from the University of Otago in New Zealand, after which she workedin private and government sectors in both New Zealand and overseas.She then served on the Faculty of Dentistry in the Department of Oral Rehabilitation at the University of Otago, and obtained her Doctorate in Clinical Dentistry in Endodontics. Her research interests include both clinical and laboratory research with a focus on the microbiology and disinfection of root canal dentine. As a side line she invests time on new instrumentation devices in root canal therapy. She is now Assistant Professor of Endodontics at Dubai College of Dental Medicine.


The role of bacteria in the development of pulp and periapical disease has long been established. Successful root canal therapy depends on thorough debridement of pulpal tissue, dentine debris and microorganisms. Irrigation has a key role in successful endodontic treatment. It kills planktonic and biofilm bacteria, dissolves and removes tissue, and helps files cut dentin in a safer and more effective manner.The aim of this presentation is to develop a clear understanding of the role of irrigation, particularly apical irrigation, and the effect of various solutions on dentine and biofilm. A safe and effective irrigation protocol for root canal treatment will be presented. Learning Objectives: • Develop a clear understanding of the role of irrigation particularly apical irrigation in successful endodontic treatment • Understand the effect of various irrigants on dentine and biofilm • Understand the interactions between the various chemicals found in irrigants • Develop a rational irrigation protocol for root canal treatment

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