Ali Hussain AL-Haddad

Ali Hussain AL-Haddad

Gulf Health Council , Saudi Arabia

Title: Evaluation of Public Health Surveillance System


Dr. Ali Hussain AL-Haddad, BSc, MD, is a Community Medicine Associate Consultant and Public Health Physician. He Completed his training in Saudi Board of Community Medicine and Epidemiology Program at King Saud University in Riyadh and  in Jordanian Medical Council in Community Medicine and Public Health Board Program.He had worked as Primary Health care Physician, Medical Director , Unit Director and Project Manager in Ministry of Health. He has been a Director of  Expatriates Health Check-up Department at Gulf  Health Council Since Apr 2018. He has participated in multiple medical conferences and workshops locally and globally. His interests in Public Health surveillance and Infectious diseases Epidemiology. He is active member at Saudi and International Epidemiology Association, Saudi Society for Family and Community medicine and Saudi Public Health Association.



Reporting  is an essential  part of the surveillance system  for  infectious diseases which refers to the process by which surveillance data moves through the surveillance system from the point of generation. Surveillance data should be analyzed routinely and the information interpreted for use in public health actions. Implementation of health information  technology can help to enhance  surveillance system for better outputs and outcomes.