Ali shaeri is a student in PhD (Passed General Exam) and working in NIOEC as a senior process engineer. He is member of IPS and teaching in the university and member of a Scientific Mission in Elmi- Karbordi University. He was responsible for commissioning and pre-commissioning of process units in Arak Refinery Expansion Project.


Naphtha catalytic reforming is one of the most important and key processes in any refineries. In this process, mainly gasoline is produced with high octane number and in petrochemical complexes expensive Aromatics such as benzene, toluene and xylene are also produced. Consideringin creasing need and the importance of quality and quantity of desirable gasoline , it is necessary to simulate the process of naphtha catalytic reforming to achieve the best values of operational variables , enforcing the best solution in dealing with fluctuations and changes in processing conditions, identification and removing bottlenecks , reducing production costs by the simulation of above mentioned process. In this research, firstly the processes leading to the production of high octane gasoline in the naphtha catalytic reforming are explained with continuous catalyst regeneration unit of Esfahan oil refinery then has been stimulated by PETROSIM software.

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