Alina Gimp

Alina Gimp

Southern Federal University, Russia

Title: New method for extraction of benzo[a]pyrene from industrial polluted soil


Alina Gimp have entered the Southern federal university in 2012. From the first course actively I am engaged in research work on studying of accumulation and transformation of organic pollyutant in soils and plants. Since 2013 I am a member of the All-Russian society of soil scientists of V. V. Dokuchayev.In 2014 I am accepted to a position of the laboratory research assistant of department of soil science and an assessment of land resources. I own the practical skills of work in field conditions received in expeditions and in the period of field summer the practician: by methods of sampling of soils, fertilizers, production of plant growing. I am able to use modern field and laboratory equipment.In 2016 I graduate from the university with degree "bachelor", but I plan to continue training in Academy of biology and biotechnology of SFEDU with the master's degree. During training actively participated in scientific conferences.


The most significant cancer-causing and mutagenic contaminants group of the environment compounds are polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs). The main marker of soils pollution by PAHs is benzo[a]pyrene. Knowledge of soil contamination with benzo[a]pyrene is needed to minimize the risk of human exposure and environmental contamination. The benzo[a]pyrene content in all environmental matrices and food is under obligatory regulations world-wide. The New method for extraction of benzo[a]pyrene – priority industrial pollutant from industrial polluted soil by subcritical water extraction method from soils is the purpose of the research. Studies were conducted on the soils of monitoring plots subjected to Novocherkassk Power Station (NPS) emissions. Monitoring plots were established at different distances from the NPS (1.0–20.0 km). It was shown that the use of water in subcritical state as a solvent for benzo[a]pyrene extraction from soil allows to avoid of large volumes of organic solvents and to decrease the time of sample preparation.. The method of benzo[a]pyrene subcritical water extraction from soil was developed and approbated during long-term monitoring researches of technogenic polluted territories. The optimum conditions for benzo[a]pyrene extraction from soil have been determined: the soil is treating by subcritical water at 250 ºC and 100 atm of pressure for 30 min. Trends in the accumulation of benzo[a]pyrene in soil zones of the thermal power plant influence have been researched over a 4-year period of monitoring observations by subcritical water extraction method. Benzo[a]pyrene accumulation in soils depends on the technogenic emissions to the atmosphere from Novocherkassk power station and on the soil physical and chemical properties.