Alla Ovsyannikova

Alla Ovsyannikova

Institution of Internal and Preventive medicine, Russia

Title: MODY 2 diabetes in Siberia: 3 years of follow up


Ovsyannikova Alla finished Novosibirsk Medical University, Russia with honors, had two certificates of specialists: internal medicine and endocrinologist. She is PhD since 2013 year (dissertation work was "Diabetes mellitus in young people: some clinical and molecular genetic aspects "). Now she is working endocrinologist and scientist in Scientific - Research Institute of Therapy and Preventive Medicine. Research work is about monogenic types of diabetes mellitus (especially MODY diabetes) in young patients. This researcher work was supported by 3 grants and 2 awards. She published more than ten abstracts in national refereed journals, 15 abstracts in conference with international participation


We observed 11 patients (8 families). We diagnosed MODY 2 diabetes during the molecular genetic testing (direct automatic sequencing) of glucokinase gene. Follow-up was of 3 years. All patients had once a year a full clinical examination, blood samples for biochemical research, determination of C-peptide and TSH, antibodies to b- cells, microalbuminuria, abdominal ultrasound, heart and thyroid ultrasound, examination of ophthalmologist.

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