Alya Talib Alblooshi is currently a Surgical Resident at Tawam Cancer Center, United Arab Emirates.


Choledochal cysts are considered rare congenital anomalies,that are even more rare and difficult to diagnose in adults. A 15 years old female presenting to our institute with upper GI bleeding and coincidental finding of duodenal mass which was found to be type III choledochal cyst. Type I and IV choledochal cyst are managed surgically with excision and Roux-en-Y hepatojejunostomy. Type II cysts managed by simple excision. Type III cysts management depends on symptoms, managed with sphincterotomy, endoscopic or surgical resection. Type V cysts due to their difficult course of management eventually require liver transplantation. The following review is addressing types, incidence, diagnosis and management of choledochal cysts, with focus on adult’s population.