Amal Mohamed Ahmad has completed her PhD and Postdoctoral studies from Assiut University; Faculty of Nursing. She is an Assistant Professor and Dean in Faculty of Nursing, Aswan University, Egypt. She has published more than 15 papers in reputed journals. She is an Academician in the fi eld of Medical-Surgical Nursing teaching both theory and clinical courses and actively participating in professional activities of Aswan University.


Aim: Th is study aimed to evaluate the eff ect of designed protocol for patients with peptic ulcers disease.
Design: A quasi-experimental research design was utilized.
Sample & Setting: Convenience samples of 60 patients with peptic ulcer at Assiut University Hospitals were selected. Th ey are divided into two equal groups matched for age, sex, educational status and co-morbidity.

Method: Tools for data collection were through a structured interview questionnaire and lifestyle assessment. Th e designed protocol was applied to improve the patient's lifestyle and decrease the rate of complications. Th e tools were used for pretest before conduction of the designed, protocol, immediate posttest and follow-up at 6 weeks.

Results: Th e mean knowledge scores and mean practice scores among the study group increased immediately post the program implementation and continued to be high at the follow-up phases. No such improvements could be noticed among the control group throughout the study phases. Statistical signifi cant improvements in study group, fewer complications and some improvement in their life style.

Conclusion: Nursing intervention protocol provided for patient with peptic are necessary to reduce complications and to improve their life style status.
Recommendation: Application of the designed intervention is recommended in similar settings.

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