Amani Saad is an MSc student in Aesthetic Medicine at Queen Mary University of London. She is also member of American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine.



One of the greatest challenges in the aesthetic medical field is how to maintain the good results obtained by laser resurfacing and rejuvenation of skin to the greatest extents and also how to minimize the side effects caused by these techniques to the lowest extents in order to achieve best performance.
Strict skincare regimen and sun avoidance care should be taken for at least six months after laser treatment.  Many cosmeceuticals can be used at the meantime to maintain the good results obtained by the laser resurfacing, to avoid recurrence of the old hyperpigmentation and to prevent photodamage effects of the sunlight on the newly generated skin. When is the optimum time to begin using sunscreens and other cosmeceuticals? What are the most effective cosmeceuticals in these cases? 
Are cosmeceuticals really effective in maintaining good results obtained by the laser resurfacing? Questions to be discussed subjectively in this article. 
Evidence -based study is done comprehensively to enlighten best postoperative treatment and strategies to be done in order to achieve best performance by the CO2 laser resurfacing treatment.