Amina Bargawi

Amina Bargawi

Ministry of National Guard- Health Affairs, KSA

Title: We were, we are & we will be: Overview of nursing in Saudi Arabia throughout more than 5 decades


Amina Bargawi is graduated from Nursing College, King Abdul-Aziz University in 1992, later she pursued her journey in academic learning, as she has got MSN in community health nursing from King Saud University, MSc in Research Methodology & Statistics from Manchester University and MSc & PhD in Health Care Management from Wales University. She is a Co-Chairperson of Saudi Nursing Scientific Society since 2007 and Chairperson of Saudi Nursing advancement committee, since 2003. Currently, she is working at the Community and Preventive Medicine center and is holding several responsibilities, which include; coordinating of community health nursing services, coordinating of health informatics and statistics and coordinating the professional development of PHC nurse.


Throughout more than five decades, nursing profession in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been facing remarkable changes. Nursing in Saud Arabia is considered a young profession, as just in 1960 the first Nursing School has been established. However, its development is not accelerating fast, as it was handicapped by limited educational opportunities, restricted by inadequate recruitment process, uncontrolled by weak regulation system and bonded by cultural & customs’ restrains. Not surprisingly, the inspiration of new Millennium (21stcentury) worked very well in advancing the nursing career in Saudi Arabia, and the development is going on. Practical steps toward advancing the nursing education are taking place, Nursing qualification is given a high priority and collaborative effort for re-designing the Saudi nursing image is continuing. In aspiration, given the currently effort of improvement, Nursing in Saudi Arabia is expected to be moved in to a bright future. the challenges in education , recruitment, management & nursing image will be overcame and all opportunities to reach Nursing excellence locally, regionally and globally will be grabbed. As a Conclusion; we were in gloomy eras restricted by challenges and hidden under Saudi desert’s sand, we are now in promising era struggling for rising up and planning the nursing road map & we will be on bright era moving upward, forward toward the light of recognition and accreditation.