Anandh Ramesh

Anandh Ramesh

CEO, Voxel Works Pvt. Ltd., India

Title: Facial Animation Through Reverse Engineering Of Actions To Thought Process


Anandh Ramesh is an Honors graduate of 3D Animation and VFX from Vancouver Film School with a Masters in Computer Science (Computer Graphics) from The University of Texas at Arlington. He is the CEO of Voxel Works Pvt. Ltd, a premier Animation Training Institution in Chennai, India. He has published a course on 3D Stereoscopy for Digital Tutors, and has published papers in several National and International conferences. He is a recipient of the Duke of Edinburgh International Standard for Young People, the Bharat Excellence Award and the Rashtrya Ratan.


I propose a method where facial animation for characters can be derived as a result of reverse engineering from the final action on the storyboard to the thought train driving the action. For this process, we classify actions into conscious, subconscious and unconscious actions, and derive the lesser obvious subconscious and unconscious parts leading to the conscious action. We begin by analyzing the situation at hand, and how it applies to each character in it. Then we use the storyboards to understand the primary action of the character. Here we study the face of the character, i.e., his expression, and the body language, i.e., the line of action and the pose. Then we proceed to analyze the possible references to the past of the character that could drive the action. Here, we try to reason things he might have seen or heard and his own internal reasoning that lead to his interpretation of the situation and the consequent action. Finally we derive the inner monologue of the character that drives the action. Once we finish the reverse engineering from the action in the storyboard to the thoughts and emotions, we map the eye darts, blinks, eyebrow movement, leading actions and its required anticipations within the time frame stipulated by the storyboard. This method of reverse engineering-based animation results in greater cohesive acting throughout a film, and creates greater connect with the audiences.