Professor Andrew Blyth completed his PhD in 1995 from the Computing Laboratory at Newcastle University, UK. He is the director of the Information Security Research Group at the University of South Wales, UK. He has published more than 30 conference/journal papers in the areas of computer network defence and computer forensics


Increasing Solid State Drives (SSD) and USB technology are being used in everything from Laptop, Tables, Washing Machines and Car Management Systems (CMS). The growth in the Internet of Things (IoT) is driving the utilization of SSD/USB technology into an increasingly wide variety of platforms. Within this paper we will explore the forensic and data recovery challenges that we now facing with current SSD/USB technology. In particular, attention will be paid to the security mechanism that SSD/USB technologies are utilizing to secure data from unwarranted tampering and modification. We will examine the driving factors that are driving the adoption of such technology and explore various strategies that we can utilize to mitigate such protection mechanisms. Finally within the paper we will explore various approaches that a forensic/data recovery analyst can utilize to extract data from SSD/USB devices even if physically damaged