Anthony Ancell

Anthony Ancell

Woollahra Dental Practice,

Title: Ortho-postural Dentistry: A broader view of oral health


Dr Anthony Ancell is the Principle Dentist at Woollahra Dental Practice. Since leaving Sydney University as a dentist in 1980 he has had an incredible journey in his profession. The realization of how important dentistry can be has had a huge impact on his enjoyment. Anthony is trained as a Dentist and a pioneer of ortho-postural dentistry. This is his prime area of interest. Anthony has practices located in Woollahra and Queanbeyan.


If you thought oral health was only about brushing and flossing this will open your eyes (and your mouth) to a much bigger picture. A must for anybody with a mouth and interested in their health, and yet may never have fully connected the two. Dr. Anthony Ancell joins us to discuss ortho-postural dentistry. Anthony is not only a dentist in a private practice in Sydney, but he is also a world-leader in the concept of ortho-postural dentistry; how the shape and health of your mouth impacts your ability to breathe well, sleep well, your posture and much, much more.

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