Anthony Egba was from Nigeria attened as a speaker on 4th International Conference onAgriculture & Horticulture.


One of the challenges that are facing the world today is the challenge of the food security and how to feed the continuous and never ending increasing population of the world.
In Sub-Sahara African countries, the average age of farmers today is between 55-60 years and the youths are not actually interested in taking up farming in traditional ways of hoe and cutlass.
If the youth must be encouraged taking to agriculture, new ways of farming and food production is necessary. This new way must be Appropriate, Technologically driven Sustainable and Energy efficient.
Appropriate Technology
“Much of what we purchase is not essential for our survival or even basic human comfort, but is based on impulse, novelty, a momentary desire. And there is a hidden price that we, nature and future generations will pay.-David Suzuki"
An appropriate technology is the use of tools, materials and processes that is accessible, affordable, easy-to-use, maintain and effective to solve a problem or fill a need and improve the human condition - and most importantly, to serves a real need"
Appropriate technology is environmentally selective and sensitive , what you can describe as appropriate technology in China may not be appropriate in Nigerian and what may be appropriate in one agricultural ecology may not be appropriate in another ecology
Appropriate technology is suitable for the conditions of a given situation.
Solves problems in a way that is fitting for the people who will use it and sustainable for the natural environment.