Antonio Bettero is a professor in Università di Padova, Italy.


Tenskinmetry is a conceptually innovative Tensiometric Versus Skin (TVS) pathway for non-invasive evaluation of surface energy phenomena closely related to the epidermal functional state. The TVS modeling: (i) exploits the structure-surface correlations which are characteristic of all systems; (ii) applies the principle of permutability of the tensiometric technique, according to which unknown solids can be characterized by their known surface characteristics, and vice versa; (iii) applies the contact angle method, with only water as reference liquid; (iv) is carried out by a suitable mobile tensiometer (tenskinmeter) directly in contact with the skin in a non-invasive way; (v) measures and correlates the surface free energy reflex induced by inter- and intra-molecular and particle forces acting on underlying epidermic layers; (vi) allows the epidermal hydration directly from the polar surface energy fraction.