Aravindan P P has completed his MBBS in 1980 from T.D. Medical College, India and PhD in 2012 from Mahatma Gandhi University, India. He has received Best Doctor Award from Government of Kerala for his meritorious service. He is Specialist in Chest Diseases and Behavioral Medicine. He was previously working as a Former Additional Director at Kerala Health Services, India.


Background & Objective: To study, the effectiveness of a psychological intervention package in the management of cancer patients and also the stress, depression and the subjective well being of cancer patients before and after the psychological intervention program and to compare with the control group. Materials & Methods: Sample for the study was cancer patients. Newly detected and current cases undergoing treatment, cancer patients in the age group 35 years to 65 years were chosen as sample. The sample was constituted by a total number of 132. 60 patients were taken as the control group and 72 patients were taken as the experimental group. An intervention study on the effectiveness of psychological intervention in the management of cancer patients was done on a sample of 132 cancer patients. Of which sixty patients were in the control group and seventy-two patients were in the experimental group. The age group was between 35 to 65 years. Four different groups of cancers namely head and neck cancers, gastro intestinal tract cancers, breast cancers and lung cancers were selected for the study. Psychological intervention was given to the experimental group and was not given to the control group. Follow up was made at the end of one month and third month for both the experimental and control groups. Results: Stress scores-F 5.83, 2.50(df=2,142), depression scores-F 1.79, 4.61 (df=2,142) and subjective well being scores- F 5.38 (df=2,142). Conclusions: It is found that the psychological intervention package was found effective in reducing the stress and depression of cancer patients and improving subjective well being of cancer patients

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