Areej Al-Abdulrahman a Pediatric Physiotherapist with 16 years’ experience in pediatric and neonatology. She is sub-specialized in Neonatal and early intervention program. She is working in King Abdul-Aziz Medical City and King Abdullah Specialized Children’s Hospital in Riyadh. She has received a Master’s Degree in Clinical Research Administration, Liverpool University, UK, 2013. She has received Bachelor’s Degree from King Saud University, SA, Riyadh.



Aim of Study: To compare the effectiveness of, early physiotherapy intervention (EPI) program between following in-patient since admission neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), intermediate care nursery (ICN) until post hospital discharge. Moreover, between patients referred as out-patient under the age of 18 months old to the early physiotherapy intervention outpatient clinic.

Methodology: A cross sectional retrospective study at Ministry of National Guard Health Affairs Hospitals in Riyadh. All the study data extracted from electronic medical chart system. Outcome measures are GMFCS and GMFM 66/88 used twice during the study duration from Feb 2016 to Feb 2017. 38 subjects included and two excluded. Age range from 1-18 month was all included subjects were followed by same pediatric physiotherapists during in-patient stay or at out-patient clinic.

Interventions: Neurodevelopmental therapy (NDT), osteopathic techniques and patient- family centered care.

Results: The in-patient group GMFCS and the GMFM mean scores showed improvement from the first assessment (GMFM-1) were nine patients with GMFCS IV and 8 with V level and their average score (17.44 and 5.13). Moreover, on the second evaluation (GMFM-2) 8 patients with GMFCS IV and only 2 with level V and their average score (18.5 and 3.5). The out-patient group also showed improvement in the mean score of (GMFM-1) 6 patients were GMFCS III and nine patient with GMFCS IV with an average score (28.67 and 13) But (GMFM-2) 5 patients with GMFCS IV and one patient with GMFCS V and their average score (17.2 and 13).

Conclusion: The early physiotherapy intervention program is very effective on infants’ motor performance until the age of 18 months old if initiated at an early age from 1-4 months of age. Recommendations in-patient and out-patient both benefit from EPI program if started from 1-4 months age.