Ashraf A. Taha

Ashraf A. Taha

King Saud University, KSA

Title: Mobile Video Delivery: Challenges and Opportunities


Ashraf Taha is a Researcher in Informatics Research Institute. He has participated with Fuijitsu company as an executive for exchange the main structure of the Internet by wireless network with security solutions and applying VOIP application to the network for Institute. Ashraf holds BS in Electronics Engineering, MSc in Computer Science & Engineering, PhD in Electrical Engineering, and Postdoctoral in Video Streaming over Internet from Louisville University, Kentucky, USA. The current job is Assistant Professor in College of Computer & Information Sciences, King Saud University, KSA.


With the development of smart phones, video streaming over mobile wireless networks has rapidly taken a huge growth in the recent years. The aim of this presentation to provide an overview of the mobile video streaming background. In addition, I will highlight a set of the current open research challenges in delivering streaming videos over cellular networks and possible ways to tackle those problems. In particular, the content of this presentation will be organized into four sections. The first section will provide an overview of the set of platforms that are focused on providing scalable performance for mobile video delivery. The second section will discuss some important challenges for efficient mobile video delivery and consider some potential solutions as well. The third section will discuss an adaptive multiview video streaming that exhibits resilience to network bandwidth variations and client view selection uncertainty. Finally, a discussion of open research challenges, the main obstacles, and future research directions will be presented in the last section.