Ashraf Armia Balamoun

Ashraf Armia Balamoun

Al Watany Eye Hospital

Title: Challenging decision in traumatic anterior segment cases


Ashraf Armia Balamoun has completed his MD from Cairo University of Egypt. He has completed his Master degree in Ophthalmology from Cairo University of Egypt and his FRCS in Ophthalmology from Glasgow, UK. He is a Consultant Eye Surgeon at Al Watany Eye Hospital in Egypt, a Shareholder and a Member of the Board of training program at the same hospital. He has participated in various international conferences.


Case one:

  • Male patient 15 years old.
  • History of RT. eye blunt trauma since 7 years.
  • He developed severe ocular inflammation following the trauma ending by formation of white patchy membrane on the iris and the anterior surface of the lens with 2 points of PAS.
  • Complicated white cataract developed.
  • Vision is HM GP GMF.
  • IOP was 16 mmHg.
  • Retina was in place by Ultrasound.
  • Post surgey vision improved till 6/60.

Case two:

  • Male patient 22 years old.
  • History of blunt trauma and with traumatic cataract since 2 years.
  • He did cataract and implantation of a three pieces posterior chamber IOL and YAG laser posterior capsoulotomy was done.
  • He came after two years asking for better vision and we found that he had a wrong calculated IOL.
  • Surprisingly,we found that he need a piggy bag IOL with – 16 D.
  • We did not found this power and we thought to use an ICL as a piggy bag solution.
  • Post surgery vision improved till 6/24.