Dr Ashutosh Chaturvedi has completed his graduation from Rajiv Gandhi University of health sciences, Bangalore, specialized in Panchakarma (Ayurveda Bio-purification) and received Post experience certificate in Diabetes Care from Glasgow, UK. He has standardised various experimental models for proving evidence for the use of the Bio purification methods over Diabetes. He is currently working as resident in Department of Panchakarma at SDM College of Ayurveda and Hospital, Hassan, India. He has published more than 26 articles in reputed journals, written book on “Ayurvedic Bio purification a remedy for Syndrome X” and received many best scientific paper in various international Conferences.


Panchakarma (Bio purification methods) is one among the main mode of treating the disorders in Ayurveda (alternative medicine). These are specially designed procedures of internal purification of the body through the nearest possible route. Such purification allows the biological system to return to homeostasis, rejuvenate rapidly and also facilitate the desired pharmaco-therapeutic effects of medicine. Such purification methods not only provides the biochemical changes whereas it further prevents the disease progress. IDF guidelines states that Type 2 Diabetes demands multi professional approach which should include the usage oral medication, dietary intervention, weight loss mechanism and exercise. In all such presentation all these benefits are gained by these methods as they are target specific and provides quicker relief in comparison to conservative medicine. Experimental study over these therapy revealed its target specific evidence for the clinical studies. Only single intervention helps to initiate the weight loss mechanism in the body with decrease in the central obesity, Fasting blood glucose, Serum triglyceride, Waist circumference, Hip Circumference, Waist hip ratio and Body weight whereas in experimental study it shows decrease in the Fasting Blood glucose, serum triglyceride and reduced fatty changes in liver, heart and kidney. This decrease in fatty acid in the storage like liver, kidney, heart and muscle adipose tissue can indirectly increase the insulin sensitivity in insulin receptor present at skeletal muscles. Therefore from its holistic approach bio purification of Ayurveda scientifically can be line of management for Type 2 Diabetes.