Astghik Zaveni Pepoyan

Astghik Zaveni Pepoyan

Armenian National Agrarian University, Armenia

Title: Factors affecting sales of dairy products in Armenia


Astghik Zaveni Pepoyan has completed her PhD in 1990 and D.Sc in 2002 at the Institute of Biochemistry at NAS RA. She is the head of the Food Safety and Biotechnology department at Armenian National Agrarian University. She is also President of the International Association for Human and Animals Health Improvement. She has more than 150 publications in reputed journals and serving as an editorial board member of repute.


It is known that the main factors affecting sales of dairy products are the general dynamics of the market, the legislation, the commodity range, the personnel and activity of the company in the market, seasonal dynamics of sales, competitors, pricing, clients and sales channels.
The investigations carried out in Shirak region of Armenia showed that the consumers in different ages prefer to use milk products, generally matsun (Caucasian yogurt) from the local "Igit" and "Ashtarak kat" firms. At the same time, the young people in the age of 18-25 prefer to use raw milk, although they understand the danger coming from it. The main explanation of the use of raw milk as well as milk products from the own domestic production is an "avoiding" of food additives of dairy products.
Keywords: dairy products, sales, food additives.