Aswathy K has completed her graduatation (M.Sc., Ph.D) from the Indian Institute of Technology Madras and has a very good knowledge of physiology at the professional level.Though she didn't affiliate with any institution,presently working her own at vedic sciences,India.


A Diagram – evolved from previous research in Vedic Sciences – is first presented, which shows a New Relationship, hitherto undiscovered, between a set of Meridians which may be called the “Fundamental Set of Meridians” [most of these Meridians, as presented here, are related to Pranic Chakras]. It is found that most present-day malaises which are classified by name of “DISORDERS” (ie. Which are not “Diseases” caused by infections etc.) – most notably Diabetes – depend crucially upon BALANCES between these Meridians, according to certain Fundamsntal Rules. Short discussions will be first made, showing how Diabetes is governed strongly by Imbalances in Ajna, Solar Plexus and Navel Chakras [this is also reason why (Development of Concentration Power, thus) Meditation, Hatha Yoga and Pranayama – in turn also implying Attainment of Perfect Yogic State – are highly powerful in preventing also curing Diabetes]. The second half of discussions relates directly to Physiology, and 2 important points are made here: Firstly it is shown, through arguments in Theory of Acupuncture, how the enzyme “Glucose Phosphatase” must be a substance in body which has a direct dependence on Diabetes, it is also of crucial importance in causing most of the secondary effects of Diabetes including retinopathy, kidney stones etc. [conversely, restoring levels of glucose phosphatase to normal levels will have tremendous value in curing Diabetes]. Secondly, it is explained, based on physiological considerations, how Diabetes will very strongly depend on Ratio of Unsaturated to Saturated Fats in Free Fatty Acid, and this is the single important physiological condition which causes “Indo-Diabetes” with all its characteristics (especially of abdominal fat), it also leads directly to Obesity [this Ratio also depends on level of “Glycerol” in tissue cells and blood].