Ayse Ferda Ocakcı

Ayse Ferda Ocakcı

Koc University College of Nursing, Turkey

Title: Mother-child Relationship in Turkey


She completed her high school education at TED Ankara College. She got graduate degree at Nursing School, Hacettepe University; master’s and PhD degrees at Health sciences Institute, Nursing School, Hacettepe University. She became an Associate Prof. at Karaelmas University, Zonguldak and Professor at Marmara University. Her interest area covers Basic Principles of Nursing and Pediatric Nursing. She has numerous studies in the field of Social Pediatry on “working children”. She is an active member of PNAE and Family Health Nurses Association. She has numerous studies published in national and international peer-reviewed journals as well as seven boks published in Turkish


The present investigation was planned as a descriptive study to investigate the association of some socio-demographic characteristics with mother-child relationship in mothers who have children in primary schools. The universe of the study consisted of mothers of children aged 6-12 years attending to randomly selected 2 primary and secondary schools located in Istanbul province. Mothers of all children existed in the study universe were included into the study and mothers of a total of 214 children accepting to participate into the study have constituted the study sample. Data collection was performed using Child and Mother Information Form and Parental Accoptance - Rejection Questionnaire - Mother Form. Data were collected by face to face interviews with mothers. Results demonstrated that mother’s age, educational level, number of children and monthly income have a significant negative association with rejecting behavior. Gender of the child and family type have no significant association with mother-child relationship.