Azin Mirzadeh got her Doctoral degree in Dentistry from University of Medical Science and Health Services School of Dentistry, Kerman-Iran. She has 5 publications in fields of Oral Pathology, Periodontology and Endodontics. She was a member of scientific committee in Dental Disease Research Center in Kerman-Iran. She got honor and award as a patent in field of Oral Surgery, with the title of, “The arch bar applicator for oral and maxillofacial surgery”. She is a professional membership in Iranian General Dentist association (IGDA). In 2014, she moved to the United States, and now she in the application process for dental schools.


Pregnancy tumor histologically coincides with oral pyogenic granuloma. It is a reactive hemorrhagic swelling that mostly occurs in gingiva of pregnant women and can cause some complications. The tumor usually grows rapidly and direct relationship has been observed between the growth rate of the tumor and decreased level of estrogen and progesterone, occurring during the course of pregnancy. Gingiva is the most common site involved; it usually occurs labially on maxillary anterior teeth but the tongue, lips, palate and oral mucosa might also be rarely involved. This study aimed to describe an extra gingival pregnancy tumor occurred on the tongue in a 28 years old female patient at 7th month of gestation. The lesion mass was 1.5 cm in greatest diameter on the right side of the dorsum of the tongue with mild spontaneous bleeding and it interfered with speech and mastication. The lesion was excised under local anesthesia during the pregnancy with no untoward reactions. The histopathological examination revealed granulation tissue with non neoplastic proliferation of endothelial cells, suggestive of pregnancy tumor. During pregnancy, careful oral hygiene, removal of dental plaque and use of soft toothbrushes are very important to avoid occurrence of pregnancy tumor.