Azza Hafiez El-Medany

Azza Hafiez El-Medany

Alexandria University, Egypt

Title: Arabic and unani medicine


Azza Hafiez El-Medany has completed her PhD and Postdoctoral studies from Alexandria University, College of Medicine, Egypt. She is the Professor of Pharmacology & vice Head of the Department of Pharmacology, College of Medicine, KSU. She has published more than 40 papers in the areas of GIT, CVS, natural products & toxicological researches in reputed journals and serving as a member of number of professional bodies. She is the recipient of special awards in scientific research & teaching.


Graeco-Arabic Medicine is a traditional medicine, which like other traditional medicine e.g., traditional Chinese medicine has a specific & unique set of principles and methods that are used in the diagnosis and treatment of health conditions. The Hellenistic origin of Graeco-Arabic Medicine is still visible in its being based on the classical four humors: Phlegm (Balgham), Blood (Dam), yellow bile (safra) and Black bile (sauda). Graeco-Arabic Medicine is known in the Middle East and the Asian area as Unani Medicine. Unani is an Arabic word that refers to the origin of these Medical Traditions in Ionia in ancient Greece and is principally based on the ancient methods of medicine that were used and taught by its traditional founders, namely Hippocrates, who lived in Greece between 460-370 BC & Galen who lived in Greece & Rome during 129-199 AD. Further considerable contributions were made by Avicenna, an Arabic scholar who lived in Iran between 980-1037