B Mishra

B Mishra

Indian Institute of Technology (Banaras Hindu University), India

Title: Pastillation technology based design and development of oral modified release multiparticulate drug delivery system


B.Mishra is currently working as Professor and Head at Department of Pharmaceutics,IIT (BHU),Varanasi,India. He is M.Pharm . PhD ,has 30 years of teaching and research experience,and is a reputed researcher in the area of rate controlled oral drug delivery systems including nano medicines. He has produced 12 Ph,D. ,50 M Pharm, and published around 170 research/review articles, written several book chapters and has h index - 25, i10 index-58,citations more than 2600,received various awards ,delivered several talks within India and outside. He has handled several research projects as well. Currently supervising 12 students for higher degree.


Pastillation is a robust technology in chemical industry to convert hazardous chemical powders to solidifi ed hemispherical pellets, called Pastilles using a large equipment called “rotoformer”. In this process the dusty chemicals are heated to convert them into a melt and then this melt is dropped on a cold surface to solidify the melt into pastilles. Th ere are several pharmaceutical excipients, like waxes, lipids and PEGs, which can be liquefi ed by melting and then can be moulded into desired shape. Waxes and lipids are hydrophobic in nature and are being used to control the release of drugs in the aqueous gastric environment. On the other hand PEGs are water soluble drug carrier and can deliver the entrapped drug as soon as it comes in contact with GI fl uids. Considering above concept, we explored the possibility of utilizing pastillation technology in the design and development of oral modifi ed release multiparticulate delivery system of Doxofylline, which can be used for the better treatment of asthma and COPD. We designed a small setup of laboratory scale to prepare the pastilles. Using this technology, issues like improved patient compliance with enhanced therapeutic effi cacy of Doxofylline was addressed. Controlled release pastilles were prepared using lipids carrier for improving patient compliance. Whereas issue of enhanced therapeutic effi cacy of doxofylline, specifi cally for the management of nocturnal asthma, was addressed by designing immediate release pastilles using PEG as drug carrier, which was further enteric coated to achieve the required drug release profi le. Th e developed formulations were characterized for their physicochemical characteristics, in-vitro performance and in-vivo behaviour. Th e laboratory scale preparation of pastilles, experimental details and the fi ndings will be presented in detail.

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