Babak Zamani

Babak Zamani

Iran University of medical sciences, Iran

Title: Characteristics of different type of dementia in neurosonology: What we know?


Babak zamani, he was born in 1957. He was also working in Iranian board of neurology in 1993. He was also works as a President of Iranian stroke society and Vice President of Iranian neurological society.


Neurosonology of brain parenchyma is a new growing field in different type of brain disorders. There is some data about usefulness of this noninvasive technique in some degenerative disorders like parkinson disease and dystopia .during last few years in our department we studied different neurosonological land marks in different types of Dementias including substantia nigra echogenicity, raphe N echogenicity, midbrain width, 3th ventricular diameter and lenticular nucleus echogenicity. Some of these studies have been published and many of them are under publishing