Bahar Mahjoubi

CRRC, Iran university of Medical Sciences, Tehran

Title: Characteristics of endo anal ultrasonography in people with wanted and unwanted anal intercourse


Bahar Mahjoubi has completed MD degree at the age of 25, and general surgery at the age of 30 in IUMS, fellowship of colorectal surgery in Sydney University and NSW University of Australia. now she is Professor of colorectal surgery At IUMS ,CRRC. she has published 53 papers.


Anal intercourse is rarely discussed in the scientific literature, because of concerns about the effect of many women anal intercourse on their anal sphincter. We decided to help clinicians are consulted in this regard by endo anal ultrasonography provide objective evidence.

We aimed to evaluate the presence of sphincter damage among women who referred from Legal institution and have complaints from anal intercourse (wanted or unwanted) with their partners.

we studied 40 female patients with mean age of 29.18+/_10.5 years old.All the patients underwent endo anal ultrasound by 360 degree/2D/3D B&K system by colorectal surgeon.

Eight of the patients (20%) had descent and 16 (40%) had internal prolapse.
Thirty two patients of 40 patients had gap in their external anal sphincter in endoanal ultrasound.
Among patients 17.5% had no external sphincter gap and 12.5% had gap site in 6→9 + 9→12 o’clock in lithotomy position.
Seven of patients (17.5%) had sphincter gap in both right and left side of the anal external sphincter.
Overall gap sites are more common in 12→6 o’clock of lithotomy position.the most common part of external sphincter disruption was in the 12→6 o’clock of lithotomy position.

According to data obtained, we are pleased that this abstract to be discussed in Conference of ultrasound to help guide the clinicians.