Barbara Kemigisa is an HIV Activist, Student Counselor at Makerere University Business School and Founder of Pill Power Uganda. She has a certificate in ICT and Community Leadership. She is very innovative and passionate about creating change and making impact in her community.


Uganda has over 1.5 million people living with HIV. 938,000 and more are on ARVs and with treat and test campaign; it is believed that the number will soon be overwhelming. There is need to innovate ways of reducing the effect these bottles have on our environment especially since many people living with HIV are ashamed to be seen with the bottles leaving many bottles dumped in pit latrines, burnt or buried in gardens. Recycling these bottles has proved to be a cost effective approach that can be adopted by many young people in Uganda and the world to create opportunities for jobs and protect the environment. Used-up ARV bottles are collected through pill power units in different HIV treatment and care centers. The bottles are then made into baskets, dust bins, lamp shades, wind chimes and baby toys joined using wire mesh and glue. A Pill Power Unit is a group of young people living with HIV. Each unit is made up of 10 members. These Units are created in places where youth go for treatment and other services.